Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gluten free and vegan ice cream cones

I bought these from Planet Organic here in BC, but I have seen them at Choices too.

My kids love these and it's really nice to be able to give the kids foods they are used to eating.

For dairy free ice cream options there are:

Soy ice cream
Rice ice cream
Almond ice cream
Coconut ice cream

These have all been tested by dairy eaters and they all agreed that they could easily eat them instead of dairy ice cream.

So, enjoy the summer fun and have a treat with your kids...or not with your children...you can have it all to yourself. :)


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Marshmallow vegan and gluten free cake

 So, first I made the Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix with the egg substitute, it comes in box, to make it vegan.  After pouring in the cake mix in the pan ready to be baked, I put vegan marshmallows on top. I didn't know if this would turn out or not, but hey, what's the risk? I am not baking for the Queen of England here.

This is how it turned out.

Then onto the vegan icing. 

I used Earth balance with coco, and icing sugar.

Really, it's a no fail recipe. I took 3 large spoonfuls and without even measuring I just poured in a bunch of icing sugar and 2 spoonfuls of coco. Tasted it and then made adjustments....I put more icing sugar in. 

It was hard to mix in my mixer at the start. I ended up putting a bit of chocolate almond milk in it to smooth it out.  But ohhhhh, yuuummmmyyyyy!!

Some people really get stressed out with feeling they need to make food perfect, or follow the directions exactly. You really don't. After years of cooking, you get an idea of what is essential in a recipe and what isn't. But really...just have fun, experiment, and eat up!


Calzones, gluen free - vegan style.

Ok, it doesn't really look like a calzone...but it tasted great!

It also took much longer than just making a normal pizza. It added variety to our typical pizza, but I don't know if it was really worth it. The dough was actually softer then what it looks like in the picture.

I used the same pizza dough mix from Red Mill's that I use for our weekly pizza nights. I made three "base" pizza doughs. I baked them and then did the same for the tops. I just rolled the top layers with a rolling pin and made them super thin.

** I also find that I need to add GF flour on the side to add as I need to.

In addition to the pizza dough I added:

Hemp hearts - loaded with iron, zinc and other minerals.
Flax seed - loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids

I made a smaller square pizza in case my kids didn't want to eat the calzone...have I mentioned they can be picky!

On the base I spread my sauce and added my veggies. I then put the baked top on top and brushed it with oil, garlic spice, oregano and Daiya cheese.

I then just put it back in the oven to melt the cheese and it was done.

I also made a salad to go with the pizza.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Great car snacks - vegan

Summer time is filled with car trips, trips to beaches all day, and hiking trips. What are some great vegan and gluten free snacks out there?

Here's two of them, and I bought them oddly enough at Winners!

The Banana coconut balls (above) are very yummy and are great energy balls. Very travel friendly!

The grain mix below is great to keep in the car. Why not? For those times when we get stuck at restaurants and the only thing we can eat is salad and french fries, why not take a trip out the car and add some seeds/GF grains on our salad. It will be the most nutritious part of the meal. :)